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Let Us Listen To Your Requirements

All you have to lose is an hour of your time and you could gain so much!  We will meet at your convenience, either at our offices or a location of your choice. The idea of the meeting will be for us to listen and understand what your needs are. 

Account Preparation

We prepare accounts for all types and sizes of business. Whether you are a start-up or long standing and well established business.  


Given the complexity of the UK tax system you may find it a necessity to get professional advice when dealing with your tax affairs. So if you find tax affairs difficult then we can help. 

Taxation Planning 

We can offer advice and assistance in the following areas: Self Assessment / Income Tax. We will prepare your annual self assessment tax return, advise you on your tax liabilities to be paid or tax refunds due, and take care of all dealings with HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) on your behalf. 

We offer valuable tax planning advice to enable you to manage your affairs in a tax efficient way and minimise any future tax liabilities. 

We also check employee’s tax coding notices and advise on benefits in kind such as company cars.  

Corporation Tax 

We can prepare your annual corporation tax return for filing with HMRC and advise you of any tax payments to be made or refunds due. We will deal at all times directly with HMRC on your behalf. 

Capital Gains Tax 

This is an area which is very complex so early planning must be made in this field of taxation to maximise the use of tax relief available. 


Many businesses are not aware of when they should register (or perhaps de-register) for VAT and do not realise that there are a variety of different VAT schemes. We will advise on these matters and arrange all of the necessary paperwork . The preparation of your VAT return can be tied into our book-keeping service, or maybe you are happy with your own book work and simply want your return checking, either way, we can help.Should you be subject to a VAT inspection or investigation we are used to dealing with HMRC and are on hand to provide any assistance you may require. It is essential that you keep your tax affairs in order and up to date, as the risk of not doing so will lead to the incurring of penalties and interest.   

Management Accounting

Management Accounting is focused on ensuring that you always know how the business is performing. It is about understanding which activities are profitable or possibly loss-making. It is about managing cash-flow to ensure that overdraft and lending costs are minimised. And it is about overall control of your cost base, making sure, for instance, that billing and collections are on track. 

Book keeping Services

Accurate and timely bookkeeping and record maintenance is essential for the successful management of every business. That’s why we provide high quality, value for money book keeping services and goes hand in hand with the production of accounts. Good bookkeeping ensures that you have accurate information for you to run your business profitably and makes compliance work such as VAT preparation far easier. 

Training courses

We are also able to provide training in all aspects of IT and non-IT based bookkeeping to make sure that you and your team are always up to date on good practice and current legislation.  


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