Mole Accountancy Ltd


Mole Accountants is a friendly, approachable firm that provide great services with a transparent fee structure and flexible payment options. We understand that people want a lot more from their accountants than just the traditional services.  

We differ from other practices, we are more interpersonal and the advice given is always specifically tailored to our clients’ needs and presented in an understandable way.  

We provide ‘down to earth’ and ‘practical’ business help when it’s needed.  


Lisa Mole FCCA

Lisa is a passionate FCCA professional with over 10 years all round experience and has access to many specialist areas of business beyond the world of tax and number-crunching. Lisa's background consists of mainly working at Finance Director level for medium size companies up to large PLCs making a significant impact along the way also gaining a strong network of contacts in various professional areas. Lisa is very diverse, as well as being an Accountant by profession, also has a high degree of valuable commercial and operational  skills.   

Hannah Mole LLB (Hons) MSc

Hannah has a varied background with over 7 years legal, surveying and data management experience across commercial, retail, residential and public healthcare sectors. She has acted on behalf of a number of smaller and larger clients including FTSE 100 companies advising on financial and legal liabilities. She has an analytical eye and a pragmatic approach.

We also have a great admin support team working behind the scenes to provide excellent service for our clients.